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2015 Championships at Devonwood Eq Centre


Thank you, Carolynn Bunch Photography, for pictures

Vanessa Becker
USDF Prix St Georges AA Champion Vanessa Becker riding Vernon
Jessica Wisdom
NWDC First Level Open Rocero SVS and Jessica Wisdom
Shane Blum
Shane Blum & Bohemian Rhapsody
Olivia Chapeski
Indro and Olivia Chapeski
Stephanie Bonney
Whistle me a Tune and Stephanie Bonney
Kylie Cemulini
Tyee Golden Rule and Kylie Cemulini
Michael Dean
Sawdras Lady Pasha and Michael Dean
Emily Horton
Little Legend and Emily Horton
Katherine Ricket
Delta Olenas Gunner and Katherine Ricket
Ashley Magee
CF Ferdinand and Ashley Magee
Kathryn Lewis
Doemaar and Kathryn Lewis
Audrey Zehnder
Ineke and Audrey Zehnder
Barbara Sparks
R Cessna and Barbara Sparks
Jessica Rattner
Zephyrus and Jessica Rattner
Petra Hilleberg
NWDC Third AA Boogie Woogie and Petra Hilleberg
Barbara Sparks
R Cessna and Barbara Sparks