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Cogins Paperwork for Championships

Please take note of the stronger health requirements new this year:
Effective February 1, 2017 there is no longer an agreement waiving EIA testing for equines entering Idaho from Washington and Oregon.
This means that all equines must have a negative EIA (Coggins) test within 12 months prior to entering Idaho.
A COPY of CURRENT NEGATIVE COGGINS Test MUST be attached with show Entry or presented at the show office.

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Sponsorships 2017

We are inviting you and your business to be a part of the Northwest Championships through sponsorship. Please join us in celebrating the hard work, dedication and success of the region’s most talented horses and riders!

Business owners who sponsor the show benefit in multiple ways, most specifically name recognition in the Dressage community, an opportunity to talk to top riders and trainers about your product or business and quality business cultivation with equine enthusiasts from across our region.

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Region 6 Championship Vendor Opportunities

The Region 6 Championships brings together over 500 horse enthusiast for a fun filled culmination of the season at the Idaho Horse Park in Nampa, Idaho in 2017 on September 21 – 24.
Bring your merchandise, announcements, competitor bags drops and other advertisements to connect with the whole community!
Fill out the form to apply.

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Championships 2017

Mark you calendars for the 2017 GAIG/USDF Region 6, NWDC Championships & Open on Show September 21 2017 at the Ford Idaho Center
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